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'Doc' Lock has been serving the Tri City area for over 40 years providing sound security solutions for a variety of applications. Our commitment to quality and service is second to none, and we continually strive to meet your security needs, whether it be for your home, auto, or business.

Our mobile service with fully qualified service technicians, ensure a reasonable response time to your home or business, or you can visit our show room for any number of items from keys to lock hardware to enhance your security.

Automotive Remote
Automotive Remotes and Keys

Automotive remotes and keys can get very pricey when it comes to a dealer. At 'Doc' Lock we have a wide variety of remotes from Honda to Mazda to Lexus at an affordable price.

When it comes to automotive keys we have thousands of different blanks to choose from and top of the line equipment to duplicate or generate keys for any of your vehicles.

Alongside generating a new remote or key we may be able to fix your broken remote or clone your existing key. We have a wide variety of remote shells to accommodate many broken or worn remotes.

CCTV Camera
Residential, Commercial and Industrial Security

Security is important for any company, small business, apartment complex or even a residential space. At 'Doc' Lock we can help with all of it from a couple cameras to a much larger system including our Restricted Key System. Along side Hartmann Controls, we are determined to give you the best in video surveillance as well as frequent updates to your system.

As well as making sure the bad guys are caught it is also important to make sure they never get in in the first place. Our Restricted Key System allows us to monitor how many keys your business has and ensure that only you can obtain the keys. With our registered key blanks a regular employee can't go to another locksmith to get them cut as we are the only locksmith to have your blank.

DOM Lock
DOM Ronis

'Doc' Lock is the primary North American stocking distributor for DOM Security locks and are proud to showcase these superb products on our web site. We can provide you with the full line of Builder Hardware and Industrial Products. In addition to the DOM lines, we carry a variety of furniture hardware by Wesko to retrofit Pundra and ESP products.

For a complete list of all our products including dimentions and sizes please look at our DOM catalogue (Caution! This is a large file and may take a while to load).

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